Helen Keller Quotes

Here we have gathered a list of Helen Keller quotes in the same place for you to read and get inspiration from. Keller is regarded as an inspiring American author and political activist, as she was the first deaf-blind person ever to earn a bachelor of arts degree. She lost her vision at a very young age due to a scarlet fever, but never let this unfortunate event prevent her from pursuing the ambitions she had. Her quotes can give you great wisdom from several topics, such as faith, optimism, work and the nature of human life. All the Helen Keller quotes on this list have been ranked by votes, which means that the most popular quotes are ranked on the top of the list. Feel free to vote up your own favourite Helen Keller quote that you like the most to give it a better chance to rank high on the list!

  1. 1

    Don’t Be A Bird

  2. 2

    A Well Educated

  3. 3

    We Could Never Learn

  4. 4

    Literature Is My Utopia

  5. 5

    When One Door

  6. 6

    What Is Very Difficult

  7. 7

    I Seldom Think

  8. 8

    Light Give Me Light

  9. 9

    Security Is Mostly A Superstition

  10. 10

    Life Is An Exciting Business

  11. 11

    Never Bend Your Head

  12. 12

    No Doubt The Reason

  13. 13

    If I Am Happy

  14. 14

    I Cannot Do Everything

  15. 15

    The Highest Result

  16. 16

    True Happiness Is Not Attained

  17. 17

    I Am Just As Deaf As I Am

  18. 18

    Do Not Think OF Today’s

  19. 19

    I Can See

  20. 20

    It Is Terrible Thing

  21. 21

    The Most Pathetic Person

  22. 22

    Faith Is The Strength

  23. 23

    We Can Do Anything

  24. 24

    Apparently LSD Makes You See Things

  25. 25

    I Am Only One

  26. 26

    Knowledge Is Love

  27. 27

    Believe No Pessimist Ever Discovered

  28. 28

    One Can Never Consent

  29. 29

    Life Is Short

  30. 30

    Be Happy With What You Have

  31. 31

    I Would Rather Walk

  32. 32

    Alone We Can Do So Little

  33. 33

    What We Have Once

  34. 34

    Death Is No More

  35. 35

    Believe When You Are Most Unhappy

  36. 36

    So Long As The Memory

  37. 37

    Although The World

  38. 38

    While They Were Saying

  39. 39

    Life Is Either A Great Adventure

  40. 40

    Life Is A Succession Of Lessons

  41. 41

    Walking With A Friend

  42. 42

    Love Is Like A Beautiful Flower

  43. 43

    Life Is Either A Daring Adventure

  44. 44

    The Country Is Governed For The Richest

  45. 45

    No Pessimist Ever Discovered

  46. 46

    Toleration Is The Greatest Gift

  47. 47

    Optimism Is The Faith

  48. 48

    The Best And Most Beautiful

  49. 49

    Avoiding Danger

  50. 50

    Character Cannot Be Developed

  51. 51

    The World Is Full

  52. 52

    The Only Thing Worse

  53. 53

    Often We Look So Long

  54. 54

    Keep Your Face

  55. 55

    What I’m Looking For

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