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Here we have gathered a list of top Voltaire quotes in the same place for you to enjoy and get inspiration from. Voltaire, also known as François-Marie Arouet, is regarded as one of the top French philosophers and writers of all time, and many of his quotes have the ability to inspire us even after multiple generations have passed since his time. The amount of existing quotes from Voltaire is huge since he has written over 20 000 letters and over 2000 books and pamphlets. On this list you cadn find a great deal of quotes from him that inspire you to live your life in your own way as a free soul. All the Voltaire quotes on this list have been ranked by votes, which means that the most popular Voltaire quotes among the community are ranked on the top of the list. Feel free to vote up your own favourite Voltaire quote to help it move up the ranks on this list!


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