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Here we have gathered a list of suicide quotes in the same place for you to read. Whether you’re trying to undertand more about suicide or you have experienced a close friend having passed by through their own hand, you will find some wise quotes about suicide from this list. For a long time there has been great debate about whether suicide is morally acceptable, as people tend to transfer the pain to those who are left behind once they end their lives this way. Some of the suicide quotes from this list try to describe the true nature of suicide, and many philosophers and thinkers of the past centuries have their own statements about suicide. Every suicide quote on this list has been ranked by votes, which means that the most popular suicide quotes are ranked on the top of the list. Feel free to vote up your own favourite suicide quote that you like the most to give it a better chance to rank high on the list.

  1. 1

    I’m So Lonely Sometimes

  2. 2

    I Tell You A Mystery

  3. 3

    Fake Smile

  4. 4

    Suicide Is Not Selfish

  5. 5

    When You Feel Like

  6. 6

    I Realize Today

  7. 7

    Trust Me

  8. 8

    Tough Times Don’t Last

  9. 9

    The Only People Worthy

  10. 10

    An Eternal Memory

  11. 11

    I’m The Girl Nobody Knows

  12. 12

    I Tell You A Mystery

  13. 13

    I Am The Gentle Autumn’s Rain

  14. 14

    Be Gentle With Yourself

  15. 15

    Where Else

  16. 16

    They Tell Us That Suicide

  17. 17

    Let Me Give Up

  18. 18

    The Longer We Dwell

  19. 19

    My Father Couldn’t Understand

  20. 20

    Suicide Is Not All That Easy

  21. 21

    Do You Remember When You Were A Child

  22. 22

    A Coma Would Be Nice

  23. 23

    It’s The One  Mistake

  24. 24

    An Excellent Way To Counter Selfishness

  25. 25

    The Problem Is Not The Problem

  26. 26

    I Just Want To Sleep

  27. 27

    Place Your Hand Over Your Heart

  28. 28

    You Have The Power

  29. 29

    What’s Ironic About Suicide

  30. 30

    Thinking Of Suicide

  31. 31

    People Say It’s For Cowards

  32. 32

    I Have Said Repeatedly

  33. 33

    How Lucky I Am

  34. 34

    Each Victim Of Suicide

  35. 35

    Suicide Is A Man’s Way Of Telling

  36. 36

    When I’m Upset

  37. 37

    She Was Getting Better

  38. 38

    I Miss You A Lot

  39. 39

    My Parents

  40. 40

    Don’t Commit Suicide

  41. 41

    Celibacy And Suicide

  42. 42

    You Cannot Recover From Anxiety

  43. 43

    Why Do People Always

  44. 44

    Attempting Suicide Is Not Weakness

  45. 45

    No Man Ever Threw Away

  46. 46

    Depression Is A Lot Like Drowning

  47. 47

    Think Of All The Beauty

  48. 48

    A Person Never Truly Gets Over

  49. 49

    Suicide Is A Permanent Solution

  50. 50

    Some Cut Their Wrists

  51. 51

    I Just Want To Close My Eyes

  52. 52

    Suicide Doesn’t Take Away Pain


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