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Here we have gathered a list of confidence quotes in the same place for you to read. Whether you're looking for the best quotes to boost your confidence or to delight your friends, this list definitely has you covered! The quotes on this list can help you believe in yourself more, gain mental strength and take action that might scare you now but are necessary if you want to grow as a person and move forward on your life path. Just a single quote can spark you to move into action and bring great change in your life, and the confidence quotes on this list are good candidates to do that! As with the other lists, also this list of confidence quotes the most popular ones are ranked on the top through voting. You can also add and vote up your own favourite confidence quote if it is missing from the list, or simply vote on your favourite one found on the list to help it rank higher.

  1. 1

    You Never Know How Strong

  2. 2

    We Must Have Perseverance

  3. 3

    When We Step Up

  4. 4

    If I Want To Average

  5. 5

    No One Can Make You Feel Inferior

  6. 6

    People In Your Life

  7. 7

    Believe In Yourself

  8. 8

    Confidence Is Beautiful

  9. 9

    Be Confident In Yourself

  10. 10

    You Have To Have Confidence

  11. 11

    Life Is Not Easy For Any Of Us

  12. 12

    The Moment You Doubt

  13. 13

    Never Bend Your Head

  14. 14

    I Don’t Entirely Approve

  15. 15

    A Great Figure

  16. 16

    Confidence Is Invisible

  17. 17

    We Use Language To Create Realities

  18. 18

    Be My Strength

  19. 19

    When I Accept Myself

  20. 20

    But By Gods And Men

  21. 21

    Never Stop Learning

  22. 22

    Learn From Yesterday

  23. 23

    I Don’t Want A Perfect Boyfriend

  24. 24

    Just Keep Moving Forward

  25. 25

    Making A Mistake Doesn’t Make You A Failure

  26. 26

    Your Value Doesn’t Decrease

  27. 27

    You Are Worth It

  28. 28

    Life Is Short

  29. 29

    Inner Peace

  30. 30

    Don’t Give Up

  31. 31

    If It Causes You More Pain

  32. 32

    Let People Do What They Need

  33. 33

    Instead Of Saying

  34. 34

    Self Awareness Is Not

  35. 35

    Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

  36. 36

    When I Make A Mistake

  37. 37

    Hard Times Can Serve As A Reminder

  38. 38

    Emotional Pain Is Not Something

  39. 39

    Slowly I Will Heal All

  40. 40

    I Am Strong

  41. 41

    Never Underestimate Your Strength

  42. 42

    Optimism Is The Faith

  43. 43

    Confidence Comes From Discipline

  44. 44

    You Have To Believe In Yourself

  45. 45

    Mermaids Don’t Lose Sleep

  46. 46

    Life Is Ten Percent

  47. 47

    A Strong Positive

  48. 48

    When You Have A Lot Of Confidence

  49. 49

    Talk To Yourself Like You Would

  50. 50

    Don’t Be Satisfied With Stories

  51. 51

    I Will No Longer Allow

  52. 52

    Trust Yourself

  53. 53

    Note To Self

  54. 54

    Confidence Is A Habit

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